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Active Gloucestershire is the county's sports partnership. Their aim is to get everyone in Gloucestershire more involved in sport and physical activity - whether it's playing, volunteering, coaching, officiating or simply something to do to get you fitter, healthier and feeling good about yourself!

Sports Partnership Herefordshire and Worcestershire work with local authorities, clubs, schools, coaches, national organisations and communities to create more opportunities for everybody to get more active, more often. It is about more than just sport, it is about bringing you more information and options for a more active, healthy & fun lifestyle.

Sport England is focused on the creation of a world-leading community sport system. Investing National Lottery and Exchequer funding in organisations and projects that will grow and sustain participation in grassroots sport and create opportunities for people to excel at their chosen sport.

The club is part of the BJA Gloucestershire County which provides training for local players to get together with other clubs in the county with the purpose of being selected to compete for the county.

The BJA Western Area trains and educates coaches and holds trials and trainings to gather judoka together in a squad to take part in national and international competitions.

The British Judo Association (BJA) is the National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport of Judo in Great Britain. The BJA is a membership organisation and has expanded its network of clubs, qualified coaches and individual members throughout Britain providing access to the sport in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The European Judo Union (EJU) is comprised of 50 national Judo federations/associations, and is itself recognised by the IJF as one of five continental unions. The organisation of the administration of Judo is based on a pyramid system of regulations, with the IJF the world governing body, the EJU the European governing body and national Judo associations the governing bodies at domestic level.

The International Judo federation (IJF) sets the rules and standards for all the other bodies under its control, including the EJU and the BJA, on their website you can also find the World ranking list.

The Welsh Judo Association (WJA) is the Governing Body for the sport of Judo within Wales, with various services devolved to it by the British Governing body, the British Judo Association. as we are quite close to the Welsh borders it can be useful to look at their diary to see whether there are any gradings or competitions of interest.

The philosophy of Samurai Judo Club is to strive to be as good as you can, and be aware of all aspects of judo as well as just the competitive side. The club is well known for its competitions, but is also good for Kata and Refereeing. The training and competitions run by this club are close enough to attend easily.

Kokakids is a magazine published 3 times a year, you can sign up fro a subscription that will be mailed to you.

The BJA grading page is useful for syllabus and other information, from this page you can link to other pages that contain documents that have images and a verbal description of each technique.

The Judo Information site and Judo Forum. Shows online lessons at the original injury-free Kodokan Judo virtual dojo. See animations of those throws, you can't quite get. If you have any questions that are not answered on, then ask the experts on the Judo Forum.

The World Judo Organisation site is there to promote judo and as such contains lots of interesting things.

Judo Vision has videos of judo competition fights.

British Sports has links to thousands of British sports clubs, associations and National Governing Bodies (NGB's) as well as tickets to major sports events and on-line shopping.

Ippon gives live results as major competitions take place, you can view the pool sheets as the fights happen.

Loop Scorpio kindly provide us with free webspace.

This website has information about Newent Leisure centre on it, amongst lots of other local bits.

The Information Britain website brings together a huge amount of information about Britain including our local area, it has reviews of the activities and businesses.
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